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Shopping and Browsing on Juist

Juist, the Island of all Shopping Dreams

Shopping on the Töwerland

Browse through charming boutiques

Yes, you can really shop well on Juist. No question about it.

Take a walk through our pretty town center, take a look into the lovely boutiques, look around in the owner-operated stores. Most of the stores on Juist can be found in the town center - between Wilhelmstraße, Friesenstraße and Strandstraße you will find stores where you are guaranteed to find more than you actually wanted to buy. But the selection is so nice. And you also want to treat yourself to a souvenir. And you also want to bring something home for your friends ...

Take a digital look around the stores on Juist:

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Friesenstr. 11
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©  Lars Wehrmann
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The offer in the Juist stores

So many great things

More is more? No, we don't think so. Not necessarily, anyway.

The assortment in the stores on Juist - from clothing, shoes, souvenirs, knick-knacks, to special chocolates, liqueurs and spices - is selected by the owners with a lot of time, effort and attention to detail . So you can be sure that only handpicked items await you in the stores on Juist. And that's what makes shopping on Töwerland so great!

Juist products

Show your love for the island!

A special egg timer, a bicycle bell with a saucy saying, a boat for the childhood fun at the "Schiffchenteich" - the miniature pond at the Kurplatz ...

On Juist there are really unique products that are developed especially for the island. You can find others elsewhere in the world, but after your vacation with us, the sweatshirt of this brand or the scent of this perfume will be forever associated with Juist. All the more reason to stock up on Töwerland products on Juist and to use them frequently at home, so that you can think of your next vacation on Juist with satisfaction and longing.

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©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann
©  Lars Wehrmann