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Reading: Sandra Lüpkes - "The school by the sea"

27.06.2024 - 27.06.2024

You probably know Sandra Lüpkes. Island girl, pastor's daughter, author. She has written a real Juist classic with "Die Schule am Meer". It's about a teacher who actively founds a boarding school on Juist in 1925. This school is to become particularly famous for its focus on theatre education. Set against the backdrop of Juist in a very harsh winter and the impending turning point of the times, fate takes its course and you can't wait to see how the fate of the teachers, islanders and pupils unfolds.
And where better to read this story than on Juist in the Haus des Kurgastes, just a few kilometres away from the former school by the sea? Exactly, nowhere!

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